Improved donor human milk access means saving lives

Medolac was founded to find a way to ensure that every baby who needed donor milk was able to get it. It certainly wasn’t easy.  It took time and investment and some very innovative minds to get us to the products we have today. Using proven food processing methods, we have been able to lower the cost of donor milk, produce at a scale that can support the need of preemies across the country, all while offering improved quality & safety of donor milk.

Why is human milk so important?

The problem for preterm babies who don’t get human milk is that they have a much higher incidence of illness and death.  A leading cause of death is necrotizing enterocolitis [NEC]. 50% of the babies who get NEC die. The cost of care is exorbitant and the unimaginable human suffering is even worse.

Why doesn't every preemie get breastmilk?

• It’s expensive and until now, the best quality donor milk cost approximately $15,000 for a one month stay in the NICU.  

• It is often in short supply because many milk banks suffer from on-going shortages

• The high cost has forced hospitals to restrict its use to only the smallest, weakest babies so only 10% of the babies in the NICU are allowed to have donor milk

Although mothers provide as much of their milk as possible, pre-term infants require 4 times more protein than mother’s milk generally provides to support normal brain and tissue development. By formulating human milk to provide higher levels of much needed nutrients, Medolac provides precision nutrition for preterm babies. Mothers’ own milk can be mixed with Medolac’s nutrient dense donor milk products so babies receive special immune building factors only found in mother’s milk.

At Medolac, we are setting a new industry standard with our affordable, premium quality human donor milk.

Innovation has been at the heart of Medolac since the beginning.  It is one of our enduring values.  


With this commitment to innovation, we created a shelf-stable delivery system, achieved the highest level of safety with commercial sterilization and reached a scale never before realized. That’s why we are able to dramatically improve access, affordability and quality of nutrition for the most fragile infants.

We think this says it all.


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