Many babies who desperately need donor breast milk can’t get it.









We set out to change that.

In the United States, only 10% of preemies have access to life-saving human milk based nutrition. 

Improved donor human milk access means saving lives

Medolac was founded to find a way to ensure that every baby who needed donor milk was able to get it. It certainly wasn’t easy.  It took time and investment and some very innovative minds to get us to the products we have today. Using proven food processing methods, we have been able to lower the cost of donor milk, produce at a scale that can support the need of preemies across the country, all while offering improved quality & safety of donor milk. 


Driven by what's best for babies

Medolac Laboratories is the only milk bank legally classified as a Public Benefit Company. This means that our decisions are driven by what’s best for babies, not solely the bottom line. We can make decisions that other human milk companies, beholden to investors or stockholders, can’t.

Dedicated to saving lives around the world

Our mission is to make human milk the standard of care for premature and sick infants by increasing access to donor milk. In fact, we have an ambitious goal: to provide donor breast milk to the 15 million babies born around the world each year. Since the moment we started Medolac, we’ve been committed to challenging the status quo. We knew there was a better way and we weren’t going to stop until we found one.


Medolac donor breast milk products are standardized to meet specific nutritional targets. Unlike other donor milk products, Benefit donor milk is stored at room temperature, commercially-sterile and homogenized. Hospitals across the United States choose Benefit donor milk for proven cost savings, and improved safety & quality. Learn more.


Milk banking is only possible through the love and generosity of nursing mothers who are inspired to help others. Our gallery below highlights our community of donors and recipients together.

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