Beyond the NICU

Updated: May 10, 2019

After a family leaves the NICU, what happens to preemies who have relied on donor milk?

An Unmet Need

We hear so often about weaning protocols to transition preemies off of expensive human milk products to prepare for discharge - or to reduce the cost of care as they move to focusing on growth. At the same time we hear about expensive re-admissions, tolerance issues with formula, or families resorting to milk sharing online to meet their needs.

What are clinicians doing to address these issues across the country? The answer is simple.

Medolac donor milk makes a difference for feeds at home.
Offer the best of both worlds by offering Medolac donor milk as a discharge or supplemental feed when mother's own milk is not available or short in supply.

With shipments going direct to patient homes across the country, families now also have the ability to supplement when needed with donor milk instead of infant formula.