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The Medolac Difference


Vegetative cells, spores and toxins can and do survive pasteurization of donor milk.

Milk testing pre-process is vital but many medical professionals are unaware of the differences between commercial sterility and pasteurization. Bacillus cereus is a pathogen of particular concern in milk banking, that can survive pasteurization - but does not survive the process used by Medolac for our commercially-sterile products.

There are many technical and legal aspects of thermal processing methods as well scientific literature that supports the need for commercially sterile milk for fragile neonates. Maintaining high levels of quality of human donor milk is essential for for highly vulnerable infants. Medolac is an evidence based organization offering the most rigorous Milk Banking Safety and Quality Program on a global level.

These standards include testing all milk that enters the processing plant before processing, for a variety of safety and quality factors.


Additional Resources

Quality and Safety Indicators for Human Milk and Donor Milk Use in the NICU

A summary of food safety issues and regulations for human milk and human milk products.

Increasing The Global Supply and Availability of Donor Breast Milk

An overview of current challenges in addressing the need for human donor milk and human milk products on a global level

U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, Pasteurized Milk Ordinance

Standards of identity for milk and whey ingredients as part of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.


Codex Alimentarius Commission, created by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

It serves as a source for international standards, codes of practice, guidelines, and recommendations with respect to food safety and food production. Not only does it cover ingredient standards, but it also provides standards on the feeding of special populations.

FDA Working Group on Banked Human Milk.

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