Infant nutrition made from human milk...naturally.

Why do leading hospitals choose Medolac products for their NICU?

Commercial-sterility matters. In a recent study, three out of twelve Holder Pasteurized donor milk samples contained B. cereus. 

Commercially-sterile human milk products

For use in the hospital or at home

Solving Feeding Challenges

in a clinical setting

At Medolac, we live to develop nutritional products that solve problems. The core problem that we came together to solve is that although mother's milk is best for infants - sometimes it is not available. Families and healthcare providers around the world go to great lengths to find safe and reliable sources of donor human milk, but have faced many challenges. 

The immediate need. If you have ever set foot in a neonatal intensive care unit you will understand why safety is central to all that we do at Medolac. So as we designed solutions to provide a large-scale supply of human milk, we knew that we would only develop products with the highest safety profile possible. 

Infants at home

need donor milk too

Access.  The human milk industry is a rapidly growing space, with new and exciting research being published daily on the incredible benefits of human milk. It is widely accepted that human milk is best for every baby, and it can be life saving for the smallest, sickest infants - preemies. However, donor milk products are priced so high that many infants cannot access it.                                                               
This is why Medolac developed human milk products that are easier to use, more affordable, with the highest possible level of safety. Learn more about why we believe that commercially-sterile donor milk should be the standard in the NICU.

 Donor milk that is trusted, and ready to feed.

when mothers own isn't available, choose medolac


standardized HM

Benefit donor milk products are available in 18 or 20 kcal/oz. Packaged in a four ounce foil pouch, Benefit donor milk is ready to feed.


lactose free hm

Lacfree is a lactose free donor milk product. It is available in 20 kcal/ oz. Packaged in a four ounce foil pouch, Lacfree donor milk is ready to feed

New Product

Coming soon

Medolac is excited to introduce a new product for the NICU community. Stay tuned as we prepare for the big reveal in the coming months.

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