Commitment to Responsible Practices

Medolac Laboratories, A Public Benefit Corporation believes that breast milk is the optimal nutrition for all infants and is dedicated to ensuring that premature infants should always have access to safe, high quality, breast-milk based nutrition.  

Our core policies

Medolac unequivocally supports the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO) Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes that encourages breastfeeding, and seeks to maximize the exclusive use of breast milk, particularly in clinical settings where substitutes are often used. Medolac’s products facilitate the use of breast milk in clinical settings, especially for infants with special medical needs. We support international and local efforts to develop and implement the highest standards for donor milk formulation, preparation and handling in clinical settings, in all countries where we operate or where we conduct business

Key Points:

  • We are dedicated to the fundamental principle that all babies everywhere should have access to breast milk and that direct breastfeeding by mothers is best for full-term babies.

  • Donor milk should be sourced in a way that ensures the health and well being of the donor and her infant.

  • Our products will never be marketed as a substitute to breastfeeding, nor will we partner, co-brand, or distribute our products with third parties that market breast-milk substitutes.