More than Profit

Medolac is a company driven by social impact

Medolac unequivocally supports the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO) Code of Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitutes that encourages breastfeeding, and seeks to maximize the exclusive use of breast milk, particularly in clinical settings where substitutes are often used. Medolac’s products facilitate the use of breast milk in clinical settings, especially for infants with special medical needs. We support international and local efforts to develop and implement the highest standards for donor milk formulation, preparation and handling in clinical settings, in all countries where we operate or where we conduct business

Marketing and Promotion

We are committed to ethical marketing and promotion of our products and advancing the aim and principles of the WHO Code. Our products are intended for clinical and adapted therapeutic use and will never be marketed as a substitute for a mother’s own milk.

We adhere to national laws and regulations, and also strongly support efforts by governments to fully implement laws and regulations that restrict the marketing of breast milk substitutes and other infant formula products to address the health needs of their infant and young child populations. In support of this, Medolac abides by the following measures:


Our product labels will always state clearly that except in special circumstances, a mother’s own milk is the superior form of infant nutrition; that our products should be used only on the advice of a medical professional; and that it is critical to prepare, use and store our products correctly. Our labels do not include photos of infants or anything else that might idealize the use of our products over a mother’s own milk. Our standard label (or label insert) includes the following language, tailored for each specific product: “This Medolac product is intended for use only when feeding with a mother’s own milk is not possible. Professional advice should be obtained and followed regarding the need for and proper method of use of our products, and on all matters of infant feeding.”

​Our policies include a commitment to always encourage the use of a mother’s own milk wherever possible and to accurately depict the consequences of alternative feeding options. All material is designated for professional use only and will always reflect sound scientific and nutritional facts. Our staff will always uphold these policies throughout areas of interaction with health care providers.